Seasons Greetings and Thank You!

Dear Supporter,
Thank you for supporting the Animal Interfaith Alliance (AIA) during 2015.  Thanks to you AIA has achieved the following:
– In December 2015 AIA launched its Cooler Eating Campaign to raise awareness of the effects of meat eating on global warming, in the wake of the Paris conference on climate change. Further details here:-
– In February 2015 AIA drew up an Animal Manifesto and sent it to the leaders of all main political parties before the UK general election and received responses and commitments from them. Further details here:-
– In July 2015 AIA lobbied MPs, particularly the SNP MPs, to stop the proposed amendment to The Hunting Act which the government tried to sneak through the back door with a statutory instrument. Further details here:-
– In July 2015 AIA celebrated Pope Francis’ new encyclical Laudato Si’ at its Interfaith Celebration for Animals at Golders Green Unitarians with keynote speaker Dr Deborah Jones. Further details here:-
– AIA launched its Dr Schweitzer Universal Kinship Fund to fund humane non-animal research into cancer and diabetes, which helps both humans and animals.  Further details here:-
– AIA has relentlessly written to key individuals and organisations petitioning them to end every form of animal cruelty.  Details of AIA’s letter writing campaigns can be read here:-
– AIA issued its 2nd and 3rd edition of its magazine Animal Spirit, which can be read online here:-
If you want to see more about the work of the Animal Interfaith Alliance and its member organisations go to:-
Thank you so much for your support during 2015.  We couldn’t have done it without you!  Please feel free to forward this on to your friends and colleagues.
Have a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year!
Barbara Gardner
Animal Interfaith Alliance
Faiths Working Together for Animals
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We receive no funding to help with our campaigning work for animals and interfaith co-operation.  Please help us by donating here
President – Satish Kumar.  Vice President – Dr Deborah Jones.
Patrons – Kay, Duchess of Hamilton, Joyce D’Silva, Nitin Mehta MBE, Dr Alpesh Patel, Matthieu Ricard, Dr Richard D. Ryder, Anant Shah, Ajit Singh MBE, Charanjit Singh, Mohammad Safa.

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