As part of its programme of education on the compassionate treatment of animals, AIA has hosts webinars. Here are its past webinars. Forthcoming webinars will be posted on the events page.

Timeline and Milestones in the Antivivisection Movement since 1980

by Dr Andre Menache – 12th December 2020

In this ground-breaking webinar, Dr Andre Menache BSc (Hons) BVSc MRCVS explains why it is imperative, based on the latest scientific evidence, to move from outdated animal research to 21st century alternatives, if we are going to get the best and most efficacious results for human health.

What Lessons can be Learned from the Corona Virus Pandemic?

by Dr Andre Menace – 15th July 2020

AIA were honoured to host a most informative webinar presented by Dr Andre Menache on the Corona Virus Pandemic which examines its causes and effects with particular focus on why animal research will not serve us well in finding a swift and effective vaccine for this virus and why the pandemic should force us to look to 21st century alternatives to testing methods.