Putting Animals on the Agenda of the Parliament of World Religions

AIA will be attending the 2023 Parliament of World Religions along with the Interfaith Vegan Coalition and the Compassion Consortium to put animals and vegan spirituality on to their agenda. It is being held in Chicago on 14-18 August 2023. We have started planning for this event already and we aim to exhibit, present, host a table and persuade them to serve only plant-based food, which is good for the planet and the human body and soul, as well as for animals.  We will keep you updated on progress.  Further information about the 2023 Parliament can be found here.

Specifically, we would like to see:

  1. Animals included as one of the PoWR’s Critical Issues and Constituencies; and
  2. A Principle about Animals included in the Global Ethic: An Initial Declaration

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