Charter for Compassion – All Animals


The Charter for Compassion provides an umbrella for people to engage in collaborative partnerships worldwide. Their mission is to bring to life the principles articulated in the Charter for Compassion through concrete, practical action in a myriad of sectors.

The Charter for Compassion was founded in 2008 by TED Prize winner Karen Armstrong, author of ‘The Great Transformation’, ‘Twelve Steps to a Compassionate Life’, ‘Sacred Nature’ and many other books.

You can read the Charter and sign up to it here.

Compassion for All Animals

Julian Schiemann,

The Charter for Compassion is working to expand our circle of compassion to include all animals. AIA is delighted to be a partner in the Charter’s project “Compassion for All Animals“, sponsored by VegFund.

The Golden Rule

The Golden Rule can be found in the sacred texts of most religions as well as in the tradition of most indigenous cultures, and it is passed on from generation to generation. This principle of reciprocity, although simple and short in words, contains infinite depth as to how we can all thrive individually and collectively, be and feel safe, and constantly guides us to practice empathy and compassion for others. It basically says,

“Treat others as you would wish to be treated yourself” or

“Do not treat others as you would not wish to be treated yourself”.

Golden Rule Day

The Charter for Compassion celebrates Golden Rule Day on 5th April. For 2023 they hosted six different virtual offerings via Zoom that were broadcast on their social media pages throughout the day. AIA joined the Interfaith Vegan Coalition at to host “Compassion for All Animals through the Golden Rule” which can be viewed here:

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