Christian Vegetarians and Vegans UK

sheepAIA member organisation, the Christian Vegetarian Association UK have changed their name to Christian Vegetarians and Vegans UK to reflect the growing number of their supporters who have become Vegan. They welcome and encourage all who want to refrain from a carnivorous diet in accordance with their Christian principles, while acknowledging that the diet given in the first chapter of our Holy Scripture is Vegan.

Along with the new name they have a new website – 

with information about them, contact details, and from where you can download their latest magazine and new leaflet: FAITH AND DIET: CHRISTIANITY AND VEGETARIANISM/VEGANISM. They can also supply paper copies for distribution. No charge but donations to help cover the postage are welcome.

Upcoming Indian Vegan Cookery Classes by Shambhu’s

SHAMBHU'S logo with fancy slogan

Shambhu’s Vegan Cookery are running a series of Indian Vegan cookery classes:
Punjabi-style Indian Vegan Cuisine – Sunday 8th April, 2.30pm – 5pm
Indian Fermented Vegan Cuisine – Sunday 15th April, 2.30pm – 5pm
Gujarati-style Indian Vegan Cuisine – Sunday 22nd April, 2.30pm – 5pm

Shambhu’s are keen that for every booking identified as being referred via AIA channels, they will be happy to donate £5 to AIA.  To identify such bookings, please place them through the above special links only.  Participants must let Shambhu’s know at the time of booking that they came through a promotion/listing by AIA. They can convey this to us by sending us a message through the Funzing platform, or else by emailing us at


Pan-Orthodox Concern for Animals joins the Animal Interfaith Alliance


We are delighted to announce that Pan-Orthodox Concern for Animals has joined the Animal Interfaith Alliance.

Their mission is the advancement of Christian respect and responsibility for the animal creation with special reference to Eastern Orthodox teachings – ancient and modern, in order to reduce the suffering of animals.

Full details about Pan-Orthodox Concern for Animals can be found on their website at

Brexit Manifesto by the Animal Protection Community released

Brexit Best Deal 2

A manifesto, produced by animal protection groups brought together by Wildlife and Countryside Link and the UK Centre for Animal Law (A-Law) called Brexit: Getting the Best Deal for Animals has just been released and the Animal Interfaith Alliance have signed up to it.  It’s objective is to present to the UK government a manifesto for designing animal welfare legislation following the UK’s departure from the EU after Brexit.

       Whilst taking no position on the merits of Britain’s departure from the EU, signatories to this manifesto believe that Brexit presents many opportunities to improve animal welfare, both in the UK and overseas. It also recognises that Brexit carries risks of erosion of hard-won animal welfare standards enshrined into EU law. The document provides a summary of the current EU and international animal protection measures that the organisations believe should be maintained in UK law and also the improvements that could be made.
        The document has sections on wild animals, animals in agriculture, companion animals and animals used in research, as well as a section on EU legislation as part of UK law, before and after Brexit. Some of the key issues covered include – refining CAP policy to reward farmers for high animal welfare and environmental standards instead of the size of their land, ending live exports, banning the fur trade, mandatory labelling of meat and dairy products relating to farming method and slaughter practice, closing loopholes in the Pet Travel Scheme that allow the cruel trade in poorly bred puppies from Central and Eastern Europe and much more.
           To read the full document go to: