The Glass Walls Podcast

The Glass Walls Podcasts was set up by AIA director, Dr Keval Shah to normalise compassion and justice, through living examples of inspiring service. We hope you enjoy the podcasts below.

Exposing Animal Testing (And How We Can Help End It)

Dr Keval Shah talks with Dr Andre Menache, about his life’s mission to expose and bring an end to the practice of experimenting on other animals, replacing it with ethical methods that produce more accurate results for all. His love for animals led him to qualify as a zoologist and veterinary surgeon, but upon discovering the plight of millions of individuals trapped and tortured in labs, he has dedicated the rest of his life to voluntarily use his skills, wisdom, expertise and compassion to enable their liberation. Facing a deeply entrenched industry, stuck in outdated beliefs, he needs all our help to make this happen.

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