Interfaith Celebration for Animals 2022

In respect for the sad passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, the Interfaith Celebration for Animals 2022, which was to be held on Sunday 11th September at 16.00 BST on Zoom, has been postponed. A future date for the celebration will be posted soon. This year’s Interfaith Celebration for Animals will be celebrating Ahimsa and ExtendingContinue reading Interfaith Celebration for Animals 2022

AIA Join the Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting at Westminster

AIA directors Judith Wilkings and Dr Christina Nellist joined the Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting’s Westminster Hall’s reception and launch of “Trophy Hunting & Britain: the Case for a Ban” on Wednesday 29th June 2022. Judith gives this account of the impact of this ground-breaking event. by Judith Wilkings Sir Roger Gale MP was Chair.Continue reading “AIA Join the Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting at Westminster”

Too Many Animals Still Used in Research – It’s Time for Change.

As the UK Home Office publishes its Annual Statistics on Scientific Procedures on Living Animals, AIA Director, Dr Andre Menache comments on the need to replace them with 21st century human based test methods. Dr Andre Menache Animal experiments have been cleverly sold to the public as a “necessary evil” by some in the scientificContinue reading “Too Many Animals Still Used in Research – It’s Time for Change.”

Trophy Hunting Imports – Let’s Get the Ban Done!

We have some GOOD NEWS from The Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting as we finally have a date for the bill to ban trophy hunting imports. The Hunting Trophies (Import Prohibition) Bill was officially listed in Parliament on 15th June and will come back to Parliament in earnest on 25th November.  Although it will be the Government’s legislation, itContinue reading “Trophy Hunting Imports – Let’s Get the Ban Done!”

The Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting – Invitation to Webinar

Join us on Thursday 16th June at 7.30pm BST when we will be hosting a webinar by Eduardo Goncalves, Founder and CEO of the Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting. British trophy hunters are shooting lions, elephants, rhinos, leopards, giraffes and dozens of other species – many of them at risk of extinction. They are able to doContinue reading “The Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting – Invitation to Webinar”

Open Letter to Boris Johnson on Animal Welfare U-Turn

The Rt. Hon. Boris Johnson MP PM/the Rt. Hon George Eustice MP, Ministerat DEFRA/ the Lord Goldsmith: 17th May 2022 Dear Sirs, I write on behalf of The Animal Interfaith Alliance, an international alliance of faith groups founded in Britain concerned about the welfare of animals.  Our member organisations and individual members include Buddhists, Christians, Hindus,Continue reading “Open Letter to Boris Johnson on Animal Welfare U-Turn”

Heartbreak as UK Government Drops Promise to Protect Animals in Queen’s Speech

AIA and its member organisations are appalled that the UK Government has dropped a number of its animal welfare plans from the Queen’s speech.  These include bans on the import of fur and foie gras (the production of which are already banned within the UK), a ban on advertising animal tourism practices involving cruelty, suchContinue reading “Heartbreak as UK Government Drops Promise to Protect Animals in Queen’s Speech”

Join Us for International Golden Rule Day

Today we are joining the Interfaith Vegan Coalition, Charter for Compassion and Climate Healers in celebrating Golden Rule Day and their ‘Compassion for All Animals’ campaign which runs over the next two weeks. Full details here. We are joined in the celebrations by our friends Veganism in Education and RE Today. Check out their websitesContinue reading “Join Us for International Golden Rule Day”