AIA Manifesto for 2015 General Elections in UK


Palace_of_Westminster,_London_-_Feb_2007The Animal Interfaith Alliance is keen to talk to all the major political parties to persuade them to put animals into their manifestos for the 2015 General Elections.  The key issues we wish to see addressed are as follows:


  1. Support for the campaign to adopt the Universal Declaration for Animal welfare (UDAW) at the United Nations.
  1. Support for the setting up of a permanent Animal Protection Commission (APC) that investigates and reports to Parliament and a Cabinet Minister on its own initiative; and liaises with a Select Committee on Animal Protection.
  1. Support for mandatory CCTV in all slaughter houses, with access by the APC and other animal protection bodies.
  1. Ending all experiments on animals in the ‘severe’ category (about 3% of the total).
  1. Mandatory chipping, neutering and registering of all dogs. Control over over-production of pets.
  1. Mandatory labelling of animal products showing methods of production, rearing and slaughter; and countries of origin.
  1. Link the funding by the Research Councils to the development of humane alternatives to animal experiments, and for the avoidance of severe suffering.
  1. A science-led approach to Bovine TB and the development of vaccines.
  1. No wild animals in circuses.
  2. All snares to be banned by law.

Labout_Protecting_Animals_snp083_550x550AIA Applauds Labour Party Manifesto on Animal Protection and hopes to see similar manifestos from the other parties.  For more details click here.





Blue FoxAIA backs Blue Fox in denouncing Cameron’s Pledge for a vote to Repeal Hunting Act.  For more details click here.




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