Dr Schweitzer Universal Kinship Fund

Albert SchweitzerTo commemorate 50 years since the death of Dr Albert Schweitzer, the Animal Interfaith Alliance has launched the Dr Schweitzer Universal Kinship Fund appeal.

The Universal Kinship Fund was originally launched in 2006 by AIA Chair, Rev. Feargus O’Connor with the Dr Hadwen Trust to raise funds to promote non-animal research and has, to date, raised over £24,500. In 2013 Feargus was honoured with the ‘Fundraiser of the Year’ award by the Dr Hadwen Trust for his unique fundraising achievements at his interfaith celebrations for animals events which bring together members of different faiths who share a love of animals.

Feargus said, ‘We see the vital work of the Dr Hadwen Trust as worthy of all our support because its mission is to save human and animal lives’.

If you would like to make a donation to the Dr Schweitzer Universal Kinship Fund please send a cheque payable to ‘Dr Hadwen Trust’ to

The Dr Schweitzer Fund, Animal Interfaith Alliance, 56 Cole Lane, Ivybridge, Devon, Pl21 0PN

marked ‘for the AIA’s Dr Schweitzer Universal Kinship Fund’. Or donate here:


‘Until he extends the circle of compassion to all living things, man himself will not find peace.’ – Dr Albert Schweitzer

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