Special Ceremony for Rosie the Cow – You Are Invited!

Date: Sunday 10 June 2018

Friend Animal Sanctuary
89 Bush Road
East Peckham
TN12 5LJ

Nitin Mehta from the Young Indian Vegetarian Society will be doing a Pooja for 10 year old cow Rossie. You are all invited! The Pooja will take place at 2.30 PM. People running this sanctuary are amazing. Their love and care for animals is amazing. It will be a great day out. Let me know. We aim to be there around 1pm.

The day plan is like this:
10:30 Guests arrive
12:00 Guided tour
13:30 Lunch
14:00 Feeding the pigs
14:30 Rosie’s birthday ceremony

Puja with Nitin Mehta from the Young Indian Vegetarian Society
Cow birthday cake and singing happy birthday to Rosie

15:30 Standing guided tour (accessible to those with limited- mobility)


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