AIA Implores SNP MPs to Vote Against Amendment to The Hunting Act

Fox Hunted by dogs

The Animal Interfaith Alliance implores SNP MPs to vote against the amendment to The Hunting Act in next Wednesday’s debate in the House of Commons to allow an unlimited number of dogs to flush out foxes.

Although Scottish law currently allows this, we are aware that this practise is currently under review, as monitoring by The League Against Cruel Sports has revealed that this concession is being abused by those who wish to see dogs tear foxes apart.

The Animal Interfaith Alliance deplores the government’s Machiavellian tactics in trying to achieve a piece of legislation which it knows is opposed by more than 80% of the British population.  That this was announced on budget day, with the hope of the budget overshadowing this news, and that the vote was timed to coincide with the English Votes for English Law (EVEL) debate, to deter the SNP from voting, is considered by the AIA to be deplorable.

Chasing and tearing apart our beautiful wildlife for sport has no place in a compassionate society.  It never had a place in the teachings of Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Jainism, Judaism or Sikhism and we now know, following Pope Francis’ new encyclical, Laudato Si’, it certainly has no place in the teachings of the Catholic church.

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