AIA Dismayed at Government’s Underhand Tactics to Bring Back Foxhunting

Fox Hunters

The Animal Interfaith Alliance (AIA) is dismayed at the Government’s underhand tactics to bring back foxhunting.

Despite over 80% of the British public supporting The Hunting Act and not wanting a return to foxhunting, David Cameron’s government still hoped to have a vote in the House of Commons to repeal the Act.  When it realised that it did not have the required majority to support a repeal of the Act, it resorted to underhand tactics to bring back foxhunting.

On budget day, a day when it was hoped that other news would go unnoticed, it announced that it was going to bring forward a statutory instrument to alter The Hunting Act to allow an unlimited number of dogs to flush out a fox rather than the current maximum of two dogs.  Presumably it hoped that only the pro-hunting MPs would be made aware of the vote and that it could slip this amendment through under the radar.

AIA is dismayed that the government should act in such an underhand way and try to deceive the public.  It is dismayed that, in a democratic country, the government should ignore the wishes of the majority of the British people and serve the vested interests of a minority of loud and powerful individuals.

Chasing and tearing apart our beautiful British wildlife for sport has no place in a compassionate society.  It never had a place in the teachings of Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Jainism, Judaism or Sikhism and we now know, following Pope Francis’ new encyclical Laudato Si’, it certainly has no place in the teachings of the Catholic church.

9 thoughts on “AIA Dismayed at Government’s Underhand Tactics to Bring Back Foxhunting

  1. “Foxhunting ” should never be allowed , this is outdated Barbaric Cruelty , which only appeals to sadists !!


    1. Well said! It’s criminal that the Government seems to be able to do whatever they want. If the majority of the population and House of Commons are against it they’ll find another way. How can they say they represent the country when clearly they only represent a privileged minority


  2. I think fox hunting is despicable. Blood sport – right. Murdering animals is never sporting unless the animals are equally armed.


  3. To murderers foxhunting is a sport! These crimminals deserve prison so that foxes and people are safe from them!


  4. There’s a good reason that 80% of the public are against foxhunting! It’s an outdated and barbaric custom! No more ugly blood sports!!


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