Unitarians Vote to Promote Humane Research Charities using Non-Animal Research

_ukunitarians_At the 2015 Unitarian General Assembly Annual Meeting, held in April 2015, AIA Chair, Rev Feargus O’Connor, proposed a motion encouraging humane medical research which did not involve animal testing.  AIA is delighted that the motion was overwhelmingly approved.

The motion, which had been signed by 37 Unitarian ministers read:

That this General Assembly of Unitarian and Free Christian Churches, recognising the universal kinship of all sentient beings affirmed by the world’s  great religions, philosophers and sages, encourages fellow Unitarians and all people of goodwill to support the Universal Kinship Fund of the Dr Hadwen Trust and other humane research charities in order to advance non-animal medical research and in so doing help save human and animal lives.’

For further details read here …

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