Faiths Working Together for Animals

Due to the current corona virus restrictions there are only virtual events.
Why not join up for the following prayer and meditation link-ups?
Meditation for Non-Humans Every Sunday at 5pm – Quaker Concern for Animals holds an interfaith or no faith meditation for named/unnamed non-humans. We hold them all in love and light and send healing. Contact QCA’s Clerk for more details –
Prayer link-upEvery Wednesday at 9.30pmWherever you are. Irene Casey has a prayer suggestion sheet: Tel. 01925 657890.

Annual Events
Interfaith Celebration for Animals – Held every year at Golders Green Unitarian Church by Rev. Feargus O’Connor.  Details of previous Interfaith Celebrations here.
Pope Francis’ World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation Every 1st September
World Animal DayEvery 4th October
Meatless Pledge DayEvery 25 November (Sadhu Vaswani’s birthday). Sign the pledge here…

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