Trophy Hunting Imports – Let’s Get the Ban Done!

We have some GOOD NEWS from The Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting as we finally have a date for the bill to ban trophy hunting imports. The Hunting Trophies (Import Prohibition) Bill was officially listed in Parliament on 15th June and will come back to Parliament in earnest on 25th November.  Although it will be the Government’s legislation, it will be presented as a Private Member’s Bill by Henry Smith MP, a longstanding friend of the Campaign. While a bill in government time was the Campaign’s first preference, this does, however, mean that the logjam is finally broken and the legislation will now start moving forward. At last! Now we just need to ensure that we WIN!

Please Support the Campaign

On 16th June, we recorded the webinar (above) presented by Eduardo Goncalves, Director of the Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting and co-hosted by our new Patron, actor Peter Egan, a longstanding supporter of the Campaign. Eduardo’s presentation is inspirational as he is incredibly knowledgeable on the topic, having undertaken considerable investigation into this enormously devastating activity.

Please watch and share this most informative video and do all you can to support the campaign at this critical moment as the Bill passes through Parliament.

Further information can be found on the Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting’s website.

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