The Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting – Invitation to Webinar

Join us on Thursday 16th June at 7.30pm BST when we will be hosting a webinar by Eduardo Goncalves, Founder and CEO of the Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting.

British trophy hunters are shooting lions, elephants, rhinos, leopards, giraffes and dozens of other species – many of them at risk of extinction. They are able to do so LEGALLY – because loopholes in conservation laws allow them to shoot these animals for fun and keepsakes, even if they are endangered. The scale of the slaughter is extraordinary, yet largely unknown. A trophy hunter kills an animal every three minutes. The trophy hunting industry fuels this by awarding prizes to hunters who shoot animals from more than 100 different species. Some hunters have single-handedly killed thousands of animals. Nine out of ten British voters want it banned NOW. So why doesn’t the UK Government act? And what can we do to help end this cruel and callous so-called ‘sport’?

To register for the webinar, email and you will be sent a Zoom link.

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