JOURNEYS OF COMPASSION – an Anthology of Quaker Quotes


JOURNEYS OF COMPASSION, an anthology of Quaker quotes, poetry, art works and actions, marks a remarkable 125-year journey of Quaker Concern for Animals. It includes Quaker Quotations on Animals, an anthology from the time of George Fox to the present day, compiled and published by the Committee of QCA in 1990.

Quaker concern for non-human animals dates from the 1650s. It has been hard to single out just a small sampling of our voices for animals over the years and we have attempted to base the compilation on a range of concerns past and present. Interestingly, and sadly, some haven’t changed.

In recent years, QCA has joined with those of other faiths, and none, and also our brave, determined, secular animal rescue and campaigning groups. Journeys of Compassion reflects this unity, including quotes and actions from a range of sources connected to QCA.

Journeys of Compassion is in soft cover A5 format, beautifully illustrated in black and white and colour. To buy a copy, please send a cheque for £4.50 (inclusive of postage), made out to Quaker Concern for Animals, to Ann Johnson, 5 Garden Mews, 15 Beachy Head Road, Eastbourne BN20 7QP. Remember to enclose your address.

*The Friends Anti-Vivisection Association was founded in 1891.  Joseph Storrs Fry was the first President and Quaker MP Joseph Rowntree was among the first Quakers to sign up for membership. Concern for animals grew within the Society of Friends and the Association became the Animal Welfare and Anti-Vivisection Society, then Quaker Concern for Animal Welfare and, in 1978, Quaker Concern for Animals.

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