Young Indian Vegetarians Organise 36th Annual Vegan Christmas Lunch


The Young Indian Vegetarians (YIV)  organised their 36th annual Vegan Christmas lunch on Sunday 11 December 2016.  Around 110 people enjoyed a variety of mouth watering dishes. Representatives from local churches, voluntary organisations and local school teachers were present. The leader of the Council and vegetarian Tony Newman, MP Steve Reed and councillors were present too. They said the event is a great example of how the Indian community is playing a crucial role in promoting friendship amongst communities in Croydon.  AIA Patron Nitin Mehta, the founder, said that the event was started 35 years ago with the idea of fostering friendship and understanding by sharing food together. The other aim was to introduce English friends to the delights of Indian vegetarian food. The same goals drive the annual lunch. Guests also were given a display of Yoga postures by 7 year old Yoga master Ishwar Sharma.

From left to right: Vinaybhai Kuntawala, Lilaben jethwa, Pratibhaben Jethwa, Pratibha Mehta and Nitin Mehta. 



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