Medical Research Without Animals

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Organised by AIA member organisation – The Young Jains

Date & Time: Sunday 18th September – 2pm to 5pm
Venue: The Niland Conference Centre: 93 Elstree Road, WD23 4EE Bushey
Event cost: Free
Registration required:

The use of animals in medical research causes an ethical dilemma for many Jains – especially those working as professionals in the healthcare sector.   We all support medical advances that can help save and improve lives.  But as believers in non-violence, we also often feel uncomfortable about the millions of animals that are harmed in medical research and drug development.

Dr. Hadwen Trust is the UK’s leading non-animal medical research charity.  They help fund innovative, high-quality, human-relevant medical research that doesn’t use animals – research that has the potential to reduce and eventually eliminate the use of animals in medicine.

Come along to this Young Jains organised event to find out more about the use of animals in medical research, the limitations of animal models, and the alternative research that the Dr. Hadwen Trust are helping to fund.

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