Dr Andre Menache Speaks at London Vegan Festival – Aug 2014

On 17th August 2014, AIA board member and AVC’s Scientific Consultant Dr Andre Menache BSc (Hons) BVSC MRCVS – delivered a brilliant talk around the link between curiosity-driven research, Universities and public funding. The general public continues to tolerate animal experiments, thinking that they are life saving. However, based on Home Office statistics, nearly threeContinue reading “Dr Andre Menache Speaks at London Vegan Festival – Aug 2014”

Dr Richard Ryder on Radio 4 – Aug 2014

On 27th and 30th August 2014, AIA Patron Dr Richard D. Ryder debated on Radio 4’s Agree to Differ programme with vivisectionist Dr Tipu Aziz about the ethics of vivisection. What was surprising was the extent to which they agreed to agree! The full debate can be heard on the BBC iPlayer at:- http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b04fc70m