Indian Vegetarian Society Holds 34th Annual Christmas Dinner

The Indian Vegetarian Society held its 34th annual vegetarian Christmas Lunch on Sunday 14th December. AIA Patron, Nitin Mehta MBE, the founder of the society said that the aim of organizing the lunch was the same as when it begun 34 years ago. It is to celebrate Christmas as a national festival and to promote friendship betweenContinue reading “Indian Vegetarian Society Holds 34th Annual Christmas Dinner”

Mahaveer Award – March 2014

Each year, the Young Indian Vegetarians present the Mahaveer Award to a person or group who has done something outstanding for animals. On 23 March 2014, they presented the Mahaveer Award to SPEAK for ten long years of campaigning for animals abused at Oxford University and to stop the cruel practice of vivisection. Nitin MehtaContinue reading “Mahaveer Award – March 2014”