Petition Calling on the Catholic Church to do More for Animals

Petition -Catholic Church

  • author: Virginia Bell
  • target: The Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales


The Roman Catholic Church, under the leadership of Pope Francis, has been showing a more caring attitude towards the natural world.

But the Catholic Church could do much more to show concern for the way animals are treated, to raise the status of animals and to promote justice and compassion towards animals.

The Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales meets twice a year. It has a Committee on the Environment. I am asking for the Conference to set up a Committee on Animals.

This new Committee on Animals would enable the church to focus attention on the moral aspect of how we treat animals and would create a platform for expressing views on these matters.

Please join in calling for the Bishops of England and Wales to set up a Committee on Animals.


To sign the online petition, click here:

To print out a copy of the paper petition click here – Petition to Catholic Bishops


 ‘It is not only the cause of animals, their welfare and protection, which is here advocated.  It is the cause also of the good name of the Catholic Church, often attacked and seldom defended in this matter of the proper treatment of animals.’ 

Dom Ambrose Agius OSB (The Ark, Feb 1937, for Catholic Concern for Animals)

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