Spend An Evening with Peter Singer

Spend and evening with Peter Singer at the Hackney Empire, London on Sunday 4th June 2023 as he talks about his new book Animal Liberation Now.

‘Peter Singer: Animal Liberation Now’

Get ready for a thought-provoking conversation with the legendary philosopher and ethicist, @PeterSinger, as he visits the UK for a one-night-only show.

 London | 4 June @ Hackney Empire

Delve into Professor Singer’s latest book “Animal Liberation Now,” as well as his thoughts on effective altruism and global poverty reduction.

Don’t miss this unique chance to engage with a true intellectual powerhouse and find inspiration for tackling the ethical challenges that define our era. All tickets come with a copy of Professor Singer’s new book, Animal Liberation Now, and all of the show proceeds will be donated to effective animal charities.

Secure your spot TODAY!

Visit www.thinkinc.live/singer for tickets and join us on this journey to explore ground-breaking solutions to today’s ethical questions.

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