CCA Vatican Circus Campaign

CCA have written an Open Letter to Pope Francis to reaffirm the Principles of Laudato Si’ with respect to Circuses.

On February 11th the Papal Almoner, Cardinal Krajewski, organised an ‘entertainment’ for the poor and marginalised of Rome. What he chose to organise as entertainment was a circus, including animal ‘performances’ from elephants, lions, and other animals. This is despite the fact that the use of wild animals in circuses is banned in over 40 countries, including many Catholic countries. You can read a news report of the event at:

Following this we have chosen to write an open letter to Pope Francis to reaffirm the values and principles set out in Laudato Si’, and to assert the opposition of these principles and values to the use of animals for human entertainment, particularly in the context of circuses.

You can read our open letter at:,

You can follow our campaign on the CCA website at:

Chris Fegan
Chief Executive
Catholic Concern for Animals

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