World Interfaith Harmony Week

This week is World Interfaith Harmony Week 2023 (WIHW) which runs from 1st – 7th February.  It is based on the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) Resolution A/65/5 for a worldwide week of interfaith harmony. 

To celebrate the UN observance, AIA and its partners VinE and RE Today are promoting our new interfaith RE materials which address the moral status of animals and ethical veganism as both a religious and a non-religious worldview, and also our Spirited Arts competition. We have been contacting schools, presenting to groups and will be undertaking a social media campaign.

Further details of the RE materials are here
Further details of our Spirited Arts competition are here.

Additionally, we are celebrating this observance as a Pre-Parliament event on the run up to the 2023 Parliament of World Religions (PoWR).

Teaching the world’s children to show compassion for animals and to treat them with love and respect, is one of the most precious gifts we can bestow upon them and is vital to safeguard the interconnected web of life.

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