Invitation to ‘Vegan Spirituality: the Climate Solution’

We are delighted to announce that Lisa Levinson and Judy Carman of AIA’s US partner organisation, the Interfaith Vegan Coalition (IVC) will be giving an online presentation on Sunday 21st November 2021 at 17.45 GMT, following AIA’s online AGM.

Lisa and Judy will be talking about ‘Vegan Spirituality: the Climate Solution’ and IVC’s inspirational work to promote vegan spirituality. Solving the environmental crisis that we now face requires internal spiritual change, where we learn to live in harmony with creation and to respect it, rather than seeing it as a resource to be exploited.  Technological solutions alone are not enough.

Lisa Levinson
Judy Carman

Lisa Levinson manages In Defense of Animals campaigns and directs the Sustainable Activism Campaign, offering emotional and spiritual resources for animal activists. Lisa founded Vegan Spirituality to explore veganism as a spiritual practice and co-founded the Interfaith Vegan Coalition, which provides resources for faith-based vegan advocacy. She started the National Goose Protection Coalition to prevent goose roundups and the Toad Detour to help toads migrate safely. She also co-founded Public Eye: Artists for Animals to teach compassion for animals through the arts. 

Judy McCoy Carman, MA, is the author of Homo Ahimsa: Who we really are and how we’re going to save the world; Peace to All Beings; Veggie Soup for the Chicken’s Soul; recipient of the Henry Spira Grassroots Animal Activist Award and founder of the Animal Peace Prayer Flag Project.  She is co-founder of Animal Outreach of Kansas, Circle of Compassion, Prayer Circle for Animals facebook, Interfaith Vegan Coalition, and assists with Vegan Spirituality events.  Her website is

The presentation is open to all and will commence at 17.45 GMT. Please join us. Everyone is welcome!

To register and receive the zoom link to the presentation, please email

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