Climate Crisis and Sustainable Creaturely Care – Out Now!

AIA Board member and Founder and Chair of Panorthodox Concern for Animals, Dr Christina Nellist, has just launched her two new books, published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

The books are Climate Crisis and Sustainable Creaturely Care: Integrated Theology, Governance and Justice and Climate Crisis and Creation Care: Historical Perspectives, Ecological Integrity and Justice.

Both books are being added to the BA (Hons) course ‘Animals and Society’ at Winchester University, UK.

The books consist of many scholarly contributions which Christina has edited and complied. Chapter 1 of Climate Crisis and Sustainable Creaturely Care, was written by members of AIA, and is titled “The Animal Interfaith Alliance’s Vision for the Place of Animals in a Sustainable World”. It is introduced by AIA’s President, Dr Richard Ryder and the conclusion has been drawn up by AIA CE, Barbara Gardner. There is a contribution from each of the main faiths, including the Jain and Hindu perspectives by Nitin Mehta MBE, the Buddhist perspective by Dr Will Tuttle, the Jewish perspective by Prof. Dan Cohn-Sherbok, the Eastern Orthodox perspective by Dr Christina Nellist, the Catholic perspective by Dr Deborah Jones, the Anglican perspective by Rev. Prof. Fr Martin Henig, the Unitarian Universalist perspective by Rev. Feargus O’Connor, the Islamic perspective by Faizan Jalil, and the Sikh perspective by Charanjit AjitSingh.

This volume encapsulates the thoughts and research of academics across the globe in regards to the biggest crisis of our generation: climate change. Considering the global crisis though the lens of creation care, this volume reviews the damage we have done to our environment and how our misuse of resources threatens all forms of life on earth via food insecurity, rising sea levels, mass migration and social unrest. This book presents a global voice on our historical impact on the world, the governance that allowed it and how creation care can present a way out of this crisis.

The book, Climate Crisis and Sustainable Creaturely Care, can be purchased here.

The other book, Climate Crisis and Creation Care, can be purchased here.

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