Peter Singer Prize Award to Dr Richard D. Ryder – See the video!

On Saturday 29th May 2021, Dr Richard Ryder (AIA’s President) was awarded the 7th Peter Singer Prize for strategies to reduce the suffering of animals. The video of the event can be viewed here.

The prize was founded by Dr Walter Neussel who sadly passed away just days before the event and we would like to express our deepest sympathies to his family and our sincerest gratitude to Walter for the work he has done to promote animal rights through the foundation of the Peter Singer prize.

Peter Singer was the keynote speaker and had been the winner of the first Peter Singer prize. The ceremony was introduced by Udo Neussel (Walter Neussel’s son) and moderated by Prof. Edna Hillmann, professor for Animal Husbandry at Humboldt University in Berlin. It included talks from key players in the animal rights movement including:

Dr H.C. Dieter Birnbacher of the Institute of Philosophy at Heinrich Heine University, Dusseldorf on “Speciesism – a Re-Evaluation”;

Prof Dr Bernd Ladwig of the Otto Suhr Institute of Political Science, Berlin on “Why the Critique of Speciesism should not be based on the Argument from Human Marginal Cases”;

Dr Colette Vogeler, Chair of Comparative Politics and Public Policy, Technical University at Braunschweig on “The Role of Farm Animal Welfare in Agricultural Policies in International Comparative Perspective”; and

Marlene Thleme, Founder of the Dutch Party for the Animals on “Why the World Needs a Political Party on Animals”.

Further information about Dr Ryder and the prize can be read here.

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