AIA Focus on Earth Day – Resolving the Environmental Crisis requires Internal Transformation

Along with many other organisations, the Animal Interfaith Alliance is focusing on Earth Day, today on the 22nd April.

But, whilst acknowledging that we must do so much more to fix the external problems of climate change, pollution, deforestation and global pandemics, we also recognise that we cannot resolve these issues without internal transformation and an end to the abuse of our fellow creatures.

Not only is our insatiable demand for meat (including the creatures that live in the sea) causing devastation to forests and oceans, but our greed and violence in abusing animals has made us wage war on nature, when we should be recognising our interrelatedness and interconnectedness with the world around us and working with nature.

Only an internal transformation, where we become compassionate and humble, and where we stand in awe of nature and its beautiful creatures can save us, the planet and everything that depends on her. All the faith-based member organisations of AIA recognise this and strive to create a world where this understanding is shared by all.

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