AIA Partners with the Interfaith Vegan Coalition

The Animal Interfaith Alliance (AIA) has formed a partnership with the Interfaith Vegan Coalition, its counterpart based in the US. The Interfaith Vegan Coalition (IVC) is an initiative set up by In Defence of Animals (IDA) and its founders are Lisa Levinson, IDA’s Sustainable Campaign Director, and Judy Carmen joint founder of Prayer Circle for Animals and Peace To All Beings. Judy is also author of the book Homo Ahimsa.

Barbara Gardner of AIA said: “I’m delighted that AIA is partnering with the Interfaith Vegan Coalition as this means that we can share our resources and extend our reach to further the interfaith message of extending our circle of compassion to animals. AIA is an alliance of seventeen faith-based animal advocacy organisations. IVC is also made up of faith-based members and so the partnership represents a fantastic synergy”.

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