Urgent Request for Signatures for Asian Elephant Petition

Our friends at STAE, fighting hard to curb the awful abuse of Asian elephants in tourism, so much of it generated in the UK market, have two important petitions afoot, on change.org at: http://bit.ly/STAEpetition demanding new UK law to ban such adverts and sales, and to allow ads for genuine sanctuaries only (which has nearly 1 million signatures of support).

Also a Parliamentary petition at https://bit.ly/ParliamentaryPetition. On this latter one STAE is striving to get 600 more signatures in just 5 days to reach 10,000 signatures, which is the threshold needed to obtain a formal response from Govt. That petition closes on 27 Sept.

Please can we ask you to sign and share these petitions immediately, thanks so much. AIA.

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