We are Delighted at Scotland’s Decision to End Mountain Hare Killings

We are delighted that the Animals and Welfare (Penalties, Protections and Powers) (Scotland) Bill has been voted on to become law and includes an end to the mass killing of mountain hares in Scotland.

AIA has been campaigning against the killing of mountain hares in Scotland for many years.

We would like to thank Alison Johnstone MSP who brought an amendment to the Bill to make the mountain hares a protected species and to the other campaign organisations, such as Onekind, who have worked tirelessly on this issue.

The iconic mountain hare is a native species in Scotland but is shot in the tens of thousands each year, including in the Cairngorms National Park, for sport by hunting parties and for management by the grouse shooting industry.

Other issues covered by the Bill include:

  • removing the two main seal shooting licences used by fish farms which will end seal shooting;
  • the use of electric shock collars must now be reviewed by the Scottish Government; and
  • vicarious liability to offences involving traps and snares has been extended (but we would like to see a full ban).

We would like to thank all the MSPs who brought amendments to the Bill to improve animal welfare.

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