Help Fund an Animal Free Test that will Detect if you are Infectious with Covid-19


Animal Free Research UK Launches COVID-19 Research Appeal

Current COVID-19 tests tell us only if the virus is in our bodies, not whether we are still infectious.  But Professor Lorna Harries and her team at the University of Exeter are currently optimising a test that could tell users not only whether they are carrying the active virus but also the degree of infection.

The current test for the COVID-19 virus includes ingredients derived from animals and detects only the presence of viral particles (which can be infectious or non-infectious). 

Funded by Animal Free Research UK, Prof. Harries’s new test will be animal free as all animal-derived materials are replaced by synthetic equivalents.  

By using human tissue samples from COVID-19 infected pateints, Prof. Harries and her team are able to make their research  truly human relevant and detect the exact number of active viral particles in a sample. 

This test has three major benefits. It will: 

– Get healthcare workers back to work faster and safely; 

– help predict how poorly people are likely to become; 

– measure how effective emerging new treatments can be. 

At the moment front line medical staff are ‘flying blind’and have  no option but to risk their lives and the lives of the people they are caring for. 

Trialled on human patients with COVID-19 and with the results compared with current methods of testing, this test can be in use in a matter of weeks.

If you wish to respond to this urgent appeal, supported by Joanna Lumley, Paul O’Grady and other celebrities as well as dedicated researchers, please send a donation either online or make out a cheque to Animal Free Research UK and end it to:

Albert Schweitzer Coronavirus Appeal, Animal Free Research UK, 27 Old Gloucester Street, London, WC1N 3AX.

If you wish to show support for this appeal and wish to sign it as an individual please kindly email Rev. Feargus O’Connor at and he shall gladly add your name. 

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