‘Creation Care: Christian Responsibility’ – a Course by Dr Christina Nellist

Pan Orthodox Image

This exciting new eight unit course has been designed by Dr Christina Nellist of Pan Orthodox Concern for Animals which is a member organisation of AIA.

The course establishes that concern and compassion for animals is not a modern phenomenon but one found both in the Bible and in the earliest teachings of the Christian Church. It provides an anamnesis of a lesser-known Orthodox tradition, where all animals are loved and protected by God and that their suffering is against God’s will. It reminds us that in our role as Image, we should strive to reflect the Archetype in our lives. It also highlights the soteriological implications of abuse and exploitation of God’s non-human animal beings. By causing harm to animals or by our indifference to it, human salvation is in jeopardy.

The course is divided into seven/eight* themes/units:
1) The innate goodness of God’s creation.
2) The correct interpretation of Dominion.
3) Compassionate care through the Image of God.
4) Examples of Behavioural Guidance.
5) The concept of Sacramental Life.
6) Sins against the animal creation.
7) A role for the Church.
8) Practical examples of Responsible Care.

The full course can be accessed on Pan Orthodox Concern for Animals’ website here

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