AIA Speaks at the Summer Academy in Animal Law, Berlin

Richard 1On Saturday 26th July 2018, AIA spoke to lawyers, veterinarians, philosophers and animal rights activists at the Summer Academy in Animal Law at the Technical University in Berlin.

The event was organised by lawyer, Julius Berrien and speakers included animal rights lawyer Steve Wise, AIA CE Barbara Gardner and ethicist and AIA patron Dr Richard Ryder.  Barbara spoke about ‘Animal Advocacy by the Interfaith Movement‘, Richard spoke about ‘Speciesism and Painism‘ (both terms coined by him) and Steve spoke about his amazing work in taking out habeas corpus writs against the keepers of apes, elephants and dolphins, in order to grant them recognition in law as ‘persons’ rather than ‘things’, as well as trying to secure their freedom.  For more information about Steve’s work visit

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