CAWF at No.10 on the Important Implications of Brexit and Animal Welfare


Conservative Animal Welfare Foundation  (CAWF) at No. 10 on the Important Implications of Brexit and animal welfare

On the same day that Theresa May delivered her landmark speech on Brexit and leaving the EU, Sir Roger Gale MP and Conservative Animal Welfare Foundation (CAWF) visited No. 10 to present their document for the Prime Minister on the important implications of Brexit on animal welfare with a signed letter by its Patrons Sir David Amess MP and Henry Smith MP, Co-Chairman of the All Party Group For Animal Welfare in the House of Commons.

Lorraine Platt, Co- Founder of Conservative Animal Welfare Foundation said:

“We are here today to ensure that as part of the EU/UK negotiation, the UK accept all the present EU laws in the acquis that set standards for animal welfare. Around 80% of UK animal welfare legislation originates from the EU with over 40 laws relevant to animal welfare. These laws cover all four groups of animals – farm, research, wildlife and companion animals and span over forty years.

“The largest body of legislation concerns farm animals with 18 relevant EU laws adopted.  Many of the UK’s food and farming policies have been shaped at EU level and our Government now has the opportunity to redefine these policies. We have the power to lead our own farming policies to advance farm animal welfare, implement higher standards than those under the EU laws, protect the environment and promote healthier public diets to combat heart disease, diabetes and obesity.”

Sir Roger Gale commented:

“It is a priority that there is not a reduction in animal welfare standards at the expense of a drive for new profitable economic trade deals. Conservative Animal Welfare Foundation recognises the inevitable questions – what will Brexit mean for animal welfare and the importance of ensuring that laws protecting animals remain as tough – if not tougher – once the UK leaves the EU. Animal welfare is an increasing concern amongst the public, who frequently look to Government to take the lead in both maintaining and improving standards.”

For more information, please contact: Lorraine Platt,  Co-Founder, Conservative Animal Welfare Foundation on  07554 585555



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