Pledge to Stop Using Milk in Temples and Homes

Nitin Mehta 2Nitinbhai Mehta who runs the long-established organisation, Young Indian Vegetarians, has launched a campaign urging Hindu & Jain temples, and individuals, to stop using milk/milk products as part of their worshipping / spiritual practices.


The use of milk in religious ceremonies has to stop at our temples and homes, as immense cruelty is involved in milk production. Cows are impregnated artificially. The calf is separated immediately from the mother. If a male calf is born it is killed or raised for beef. After three impregnations the cow is worn out and slaughtered and the meat used for pet food. Under pressure to produce a maximum amount of milk, the cow is pushed to her limit and suffers from swollen udders, arthritis, mastitis and many other ailments. Pus from the cow and blood cells mix with the milk. How can it be right to use milk produced in such cruelty to be used in the worship of God?

Sign the pledge here and receive a certificate:
We Pledge that Milk will no longer be used at our Temple or Home. We will use Soy milk, Almond milk or any other alternative.

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