Animal Memorial Christmas Tree

aa-tree-1When Rev. Christa Blanke asked me if I would like to decorate a tree for Christmas with her photos of some of the animals from her ‘Animal Memorial’ I felt tremendously honoured and humbled.

Rev. Christa Blanke is the founder of Animals Angels, a European organisation which works tirelessly to follow long distance transport vehicles across the continent to provide comfort to suffering animals on their last, cruel journeys to slaughter and also to monitor them and collect evidence to enable authorities to enforce EU transport legislation.  They also campaign to end long distance transport.

Animals Angels have built up a new website Animal Memorial at:

Christa has decorated her own tree in Edinburgh and Sam from the Anglican Society for the Welfare of Animals (ASWA) is also decorating a tree on behalf of ASWA.  We decorated this tree on behalf of the Animal Interfaith Alliance (AIA) and Catholic Concern for Animals (CCA).  I am most grateful to AIA Patron and CCA Scientific Advisor, Dr Richard Ryder for kindly allowing us to use a tree in his arboretum on Dartmoor and for helping to decorate the tree.

One thought on “Animal Memorial Christmas Tree

  1. How lovely, Barbara – thank you for getting AIA involved in Christa’s compassionate work.

    And thank you, Richard, for designating one of your trees!


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