The Community of Creation – Book Now!

woodbrookeThe Community of Creation : expanding the circle of compassion

Friday 24 March 2017 – Sunday 26 March 2017

At the Quaker Study Centre – Woodbrooke

Ensuite Fee: £238.00, Standard Fee: £218.00

Course Details

Are you concerned with animal suffering? Do you question the moral justifications for their ill-treatment? Do you have an awareness of them as precious creatures of God? This course will introduce key themes in the field of Animal Theology within the context of the Quaker faith. Looking at biblical, Buddhist and scientific understanding, we will ask how our lives of active witness might realise the common bonds we share with other species, and extend our vision of the peaceable kingdom.

Course Leader Information

Martin Layton is a Senior Programme Leader at Woodbrooke. His interest is in exploring how Quaker spirituality strengthens our lives of active witness.
Steve Palmer is a teacher and a percussionist. The Gandhian idea of ahimsa has inspired him to look for practical ways to extend his own circle of compassion.  

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