Animal Welfare & Religion Symposium

joyce-at-winchesterOn 2nd November 2016 Winchester University’s new Centre for Animal Welfare held its first symposium on Animal Welfare and Religion  The event was hosted by the Centre’s director, Prof. Andrew Knight and included inspiring and enlightening talks by leading academics from different faiths. 

The first speaker was Joyce D’Silva, Ambassador Emerita of Compassion in World Farming, who spoke on what the faiths say about animals.  Other speakers included Professor Anna King of the University of Winchester who spoke on Hindu attitudes to non-human animals; Professor Graham Harvey of the Open University who spoke on Pagan perspectives on animal welfare; Professor David Clough of the University of Chester who spoke about Creaturekind: a new framework for farm animal welfare; Professor Aaron Gross from the University of San Diego who spoke about animal protection and Jewish traditions; and Shaykh Ibrahim Mogra who spoke about Islamic perspectives on animal welfare. 

An historic agreement was signed between Winchester University and Creaturekind that would make the University the first Creaturekind University in the country.  For further information on Creaturekind click here.

The Centre for Animal Welfare at Winchester University aims to increase society’s knowledge and understanding of animal welfare issues.  For further information on the Centre click here.

Last year CIWF formed a strategic partnership with the University to help academia advance animal welfare worldwide. For further information on CIWF’s work in this area, click here.

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