Join the Jain Celebration of Mahavir’s Birthday

MahavirFor the FIRST time in years, many Jain organizations across the UK are collaborating together to celebrate the birth of the Great Soul, Lord Mahavir.

Sunday 1 May at 3.00pm at JFS School, The Mall, Harrow, Kenton, HA3 9TW.

– Come and support the PROMOTION of Jain Dharma and the INTEGRATION of Jain communities in the UK with your FAMILY & FRIENDS.

– Walk in the footsteps of his life, one of the GREATEST moral and spiritual teachers to have walked this Earth.

– Let us take you on a JOURNEY starting from the story of his previous births to when he renounced the world and finally attained Moksh in Present day Bihar.

– Understand the TRUE essence of Jain Dharma through captivating theatrical performances, beautifully choreographed dances and soulful music.

More than a 100 volunteers from the ages of 4 to over 80 are bringing this together FOR YOU

BUY YOUR TICKETS for Family & Friends NOW here

For General queries contact: 
Contact the focal points below to join:
Jain Network Colindale – Prafulaben
Mahavir Foundation – Saurabhbhai
Jain Vishva Bharati Samaniji -Hasubhai
Oshwal Association of the UK – Mahesbhai NW 
Institute of Jainology – Vibhutiben South London
SCVP – Bakulbhai 
Young Jains – Paaras Ashok Malde 
Enabling Network – Sanjaybhai 
SRD Dharampur – Jignashaben
Bhakti Mandal – Prafulaben
NE Bhakti group – Pushpaben
General – Mukul, Freya

Tickets are limited to 750.
Doors open at 2.15pm for 3pm start. 
Event estimated to finish at 6pm

Mahavir Janma Kalyanak is the auspicious day of the birth of Lord Mahavir who was born into this world more than 2,600 years ago. Born as a Prince into the Ikshvaku Dynasty in Present day Bihar (and by the way Lord Ram also belonged to this same dynasty), he abandoned all the luxuries of royal life and at just 30 became a Jain monk in search of spiritual enlightenment. After 12.5 years of rigorous penances and meditation, he attained Kewal Gnan (Omniscience) and there after through his selfless compassion, he spread the wisdom of Jain philososphy, enlightening thousands of Indians on the attainment of one’s True and Divine nature and the transformation into eternal blissful and pure Consciousness…the essence of Jainism as we know it today.

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