Bodmin Pony Welfare Crisis – Please Help

There is currently a welfare crisis underway on Bodmin Moor – THIS IS HAPPENING NOW.

On one particular common there is a crisis which has been underway since 27th February 2016 – a month now.  The mass neglect and starvation of ponies – in the last month at least 11 ponies have died out on the common from neglect and starvation, too weak to survive they have been dropping dead out on the moor, their carcasses left to rot…not even collected by the authorities who are aware of the situation.  All those dead have been left out for weeks now – and even for all to see for the Easter bank holiday – the start of the Cornish tourist holiday season…

We would like to thank People for Ponies (P4P) for highlighting this to us.  More details can be found at

This needs to be highlighted to the following groups so that this welfare crisis is brought to an end.  There needs to be accountability and a long term effective strategy put in place to ensure this does not happen again.  PLEASE spread through social media AND contact the following groups:

MP and Defra minister:


World Horse Welfare: 08000 48018008000 480180 FREE

Redwings 01508 481 00001508 481 000

Mare and Foal Sanctuary: 01626 35596901626 355969


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