AIA Supports National Treasure, Chris Packham

Chris PackhamThe AIA considers the allegations made in the Daily Telegraph against Chris Packham by Countryside Alliance chief executive, Tim Bonner, calling for the BBC to sack him, to be utterly ridiculous.

What is wrong with Chris saying that we should all do more to stop the ILLEGAL killing of wildlife? Absolutely nothing, other than it doesn’t suit the agenda of the pro-hunting campaigners who use the Daily Telegraph to promote their pro-hunting propaganda.

It is utter hypocrisy for Bonner to suggest that Packham is pursuing “obsessive crusades” and that the BBC is printing “blatant political propaganda”.  It is Bonner who is pursuing the “obsessive crusade” and the Daily Telegraph that is printing “blatant political propaganda”.

Chris Packham is a national treasure.  We love him and we want to see more of him!

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