AIA to stand up against Repeal of ‘The Hunting Act’ and Badger Culls

Fox Hunters

With the Conservatives returned as a majority government, Britain now faces the prospect of a vote in parliament to repeal The Hunting Act, which was included in the Conservative manifesto.

Although 80% of the public and 70% of Conservative supporters support The Hunting Act, there could now be a majority of MPs in Parliament who would vote for repeal.

AIA will be supporting Blue Fox in fighting against a repeal of the Act and also in fighting against further badger culls, which are cruel and unscientific.

Lorraine Platt, founder of Blue Fox and Blue Badger said: ‘We have the same amount of anti hunting Tory MPs as last time but we are deprived of many anti-hunt Labour and Libdem MPs who massively lost their seats.  It is paramount that everyone tells their MPs, especially Conservative MPs, to support the ban and say no to repeal.  This is vital as we must secure new Tory MPs to support the ban.  It would be very helpful if people could write to the new Tory and 8 elected Libdem MPs.  There is little time to waste as we suspect a free vote may be offered soon before we can engage support from the new MPs on this issue.  We also want MPs to oppose the roll out of the badger cull as it is unscientific and inhumane’.

In March of this year Green MP Caroline Lucas called for the law to be strengthened and extended to other cruel sports.

Please write to MPs to support the ban and oppose the badger cull roll out.  Many MPs judge the importance an issue by the size of their mailbox.

4 thoughts on “AIA to stand up against Repeal of ‘The Hunting Act’ and Badger Culls

  1. Thanks for posting Lorraine’s piece, Barbara.

    The Conservative anti-hunt MPs need all the support they can get.

    And it would indeed be good to remind our MPs of all parties – especially if they are newly elected – that the protection of animals is of paramount importance to many of the public.

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  2. Please also support Fox in Parliament, their number may be diminished due to the loss of Labour seats and support for them at this time is essential.

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