Maltese Spring Hunting Season Closed Early

LACS1News just in from Chris Fegan, AIA Political Education & Campaigns Director, about the Maltese Spring Hunt.

“I am delighted to tell you that the Maltese PM has today closed the Spring Hunting Season after a shot bird fell into a school playground.  The hunting season was nearly over but it shows clear political intent.

The Spring season is now closed a few days early, so many birds will live that would otherwise have died. Recent action by the Maltese Govt has shown strong political leadership by the Maltese PM following the Referendum result and, allied with the heavy sentences handed out by the courts in the last couple of weeks, has at least shown the hunters that they will be hit hard for illegal breaches of the Hunting season.

The big fight is now on to try and target the planned autumn hunting season and Catholic Concern for Animals and the Animal Interfaith Alliance will work with LACS to try andstop that from taking place.”

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