AIA Mourns the Passing of Norm Phelps

1604429_10152519624295895_1588248727618986921_nNorm Phelps: 16 May 1939 – 31 Dec 2014

Norm Phelps was a tireless advocate for animals, whose wisdom and personal gentleness will be missed by many. He was always a peacemaker, who did not seek personal aggrandizement, but maintained his focus on the well-being of the countless voiceless nonhumans who are brutalized on a massive scale throughout the world.

Among Norm’s contributions to the animal protectionism literature were The Dominion of Love: Animal Rights According to the Bible, in which Phelps argued that an honest and rigorous reading of the Bible favours animal rights just as much, if not more, than human rights, The Longest Struggle: Animal Rights from Pythagoras to Peta, an overview of the long, hard campaign to prevent animal mistreatment and The Great Compassion: Buddhism and Animal Rights, which explores whether Buddhism demands vegetarianism and the promotion of animal rights.

To purchase these books from Amazon, click here.


The Longest Struggle - Norm Phelpsgreat_compassion_cover-130x191


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