Parish Pig Rassle


AIA is delighted that the decision was taken on 22nd April 2015 not to go ahead with the St Patricks Parish Pig Rassle event this year.  AIA applauds this decision and thanks everyone who campaigned to end this cruelty.

Despite complaints made from animal rights organisations and a 75,000 signature petition to prevent the event, St Patricks Parish in Stephensville, Hortonville, Wisconsin held its ‘pig rassle’ event on Sunday 10th August 2014. Video footage shows pigs screaming in terror as participants jump on, tackle and drag them around a muddy arena. One pig is seen desperately trying to climb out of the muddy pen and another limps away after being dropped. Pigs were left in blistering sun with no food or drinkable water for hours. The event organisers intend to hold this unchristian event again next year.

Pig Rassle

To take further action support Peta here: 

Church Fundraises by Tormenting Pigs (Video)

Peta Logo

Warning:  This video shows distressing scenes of cruelty to pigs and of human barbarism.


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