Animal Advocacy – October 2015 to February 2016

AIA’s International Campaigns Secretary, Marian Hussenbux is responsible for AIA’s global animal advocacy work. This involves writing to people of influence about animal suffering and cruelty around the world, sometimes in support of the campaigns run by other organisations and sometimes in support of AIA’s own campaigns.

AIA’s Campaigning Activity – from October 2015 to February 2016.

We wrote:

To Clondalkin, near Dublin – to police, town councillors and priest, re domestic animals tormented and killed – Oct-Nov 2015 (reply from one councillor and the police – giving the impression complaints not valid now)

To Karnataka Forest Department re death of fragile poorly cared for elephant Chanchal in circus – Nov. 20

To George Eustice, Minister, re EU subsidies for corrida bull breeders – Nov. 20

To Vietnamese Ambassador in London re New Year pig killing – Nov. 21

To South Australian Premier, in opposition to the Ag-Gag bill – Dec. 3

To 2 commissioners in Nevada State – thanks for voting against killing contests – Dec. 8

To Argentine President re Arturo, re refusal to transfer polar bear in the zoo to Canada – Dec. 16 (there are developments on this, shall let you know when I hear back from a zoo expert – and probably write again)

To Seneca County, NY State – continuation of appeal to protect White Deer – Dec. 16 and 31     (positive news might come on this)

To Irish vets and 3 Sinn Fein politicians – re support for hare coursing – Dec. 23

To PSOE (Socialist) Mayor of Algemesi, Spain, re torture and killing of heifers in festival – Dec. 31

To New Harmony Baptist church in the US about squirrel killing – January 2 2016

To US Navy about use of sonar which harms marine mammals – Jan. 6

To Indian PM, appealing to him to keep jallikattu ban – Jan. 11 (events supposed to be stopped this year)

To Chinese CITES representative re elephant calves exported from Zimbabwe – Jan. 10

To a Texas community association planning to trap and send deer to slaughter – Jan. 14

To Alex Cunningham MP – thanks for speaking against bear fur caps – Jan. 16 (nice reply from him)

To town councillors of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico – against ‘heritage’ bullfight event – Jan. 18 (dressed up in old style outfits, linking in with a historical festival)

To Mayor Bill de Blasio, NYC, re carriage horse compromise bill – Jan. 21 (bill not presented in the event)

To Cartagena council in Spain re new multi-purpose complex to include a bullring – Jan. 25

To World Association of Zoos and Aquaria re elephant calves from Zimbabwe to China – Jan. 26 (reply from the director – but no reply to my follow up queries)

To Minnesota State/Marshall City, MN, re coyote killing contests – Feb. 17

Animal advocacy continued – April 2015 to September 2015

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