AIA Launches Animal Welfare Manifesto

AIA Animal Welfare Manifesto 2019 A4

AIA have launched a new 30 point Animal Welfare Manifesto which has been sent to all the main UK political parties demanding significant action for animals.  Read it here:

AIA Animal Welfare Manifesto 2019 A4


ABTA directs members to stop advertising elephant rides


Thanks to Save the Asian Elephants’ (STAE) constant lobbying of the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA), ABTA now admits that all elephant rides and related activities are ‘unacceptable’ and they are directing their 5,000 corporate members to stop such advertising.

Duncan McNair of STAE welcomes this but says that more is needed.  A new UK law to ban the advertising and sale of any unethical Asian elephant related holiday is needed.

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Further details in the autumn edition of Animal Spirit.