Listen to AIA’s Marian Hussenbux on Migratory Birds, on Safe & Sound FM

Marian HussenbuxListen to AIA’s International Campaign Manager, Marian Hussenbux, being interviewed on Safe & Sound FM, the animal rights radio station, about individual and threatened migratory birds, increasingly affected by climate change and other man-made factors, which are followed by webcam.

Safe & Sound Radio can be found here:

New Jewish Veg – Rabbinic Statement on Plant-based Diet

“Judaism’s way of life, its dietary practices, are designed to ennoble the human spirit. It is therefore a contradiction in terms to claim that products that come through a process that involves inordinate cruelty and barbarity toward animal life can truly be considered kosher in our world. In our world today, it is precisely a plant-based diet that is truly consonant with the most sublime teachings of Judaism and of the highest aspirations of our heritage.”

Rabbi David Rosen, Former Chief Rabbi of Ireland 

We, the undersigned rabbis, encourage our fellow Jews to transition toward animal-free, plant-based diets. This approach to sustenance is an expression of our shared Jewish values of compassion for animals, protection of the environment, and concern for our physical and spiritual well-being.


Jewish Veg Rabbinic Council 
Rabbi David Wolpe Rabbi Raymond Apple Rabbi Aaron Levy
Rabbi Katy Z. Allen Rabbi Annie Belford Rabbi Benjamim Levy
Rabbi Nelly Altenburger Rabbi Aaron Benson Rabbi Natan Levy
Rabbi Dr. Analia Bortz Rabbi Matthew Berger Rabbi Nathan Lopes Cardozo
Rabbi Rick Brody Rabbi Binyamin Biber Rabbi Yonatan Neril
Rabbi Boris Dolin Rabbi Rachel Brown Rabbi Danny Newman
Rabbi Robert Judd Rabbi Janet Burden Rabbi Hillel Norry
Rabbi Andy Kastner Rabbi Prof. Geoffrey Claussen Rabbi Avi Olitzky
Rabbi Jonathan Klein Rabbi Aryeh Cohen Rabbi Kerry Olitzky
Rabbi Jonathan Rubenstein Rabbi Robert Davis Rabbi Rabbi Carl Perkins
Rabbi Alexandria Shuval-Weiner Rabbi Art Donsky Rabbi Nina Perlmutter
Rabbi Barry Silver Rabbi Steven Exler Rabbi Jonah Rank
Rabbi Fred Scherlinder Dobb Rabbi Yossi Feintuch Rabbi Ed Rosenthal
Rabbi Marc Soloway Rabbi Lori Feldstein-Gardner Rabbi Samuel Samtosha Steinberg
Rabbi Beni Wajnberg Rabbi Adam Frank Rabbi Barry Schwartz
Rabbi Ariann Weitzman Rabbi Robyn Fryer Bodzin Rabbi Arthur Segal
Rabbi Shmuly Yanklowitz Rabbi Stephen Fuchs Rabbi Rami Shapiro
Rabbi Yonassan Gershom Rabbi Camille Shira Angel
Rabbi Shefa Gold Rabbi Andy Shugerman
Rabbi Aaron Goldstein Rabbi Daniel Sperber
Rabbi Elyse Goldstein Rabbi Jon-Jay Tilsen
Rabbi Jeremy Gordon Rabbi Elyse Wechterman
Rabbi Bonny Grosz Rabbi Dr. Raysh Weiss
Rabbi Jay Herman Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg
Rabbi Jeffrey Kahn Rabbi Ben-Hayil Yellen
Rabbi Dr. Deborah Kahn-Harris Lina Zerbarini
Rabbi Jonathan Keren-Black
Rabbi Max Kohanzad Rabbinic or Cantorial Students
Rabbi Tzvi Koren Laura Bellows
Rabbi Michael Kramer Aryeh Bernstein
Rabbi Paul Kurland David Fair


Jewish Veg wishes to thank the U.K.-based Jewish Vegetarian Society for helping to recruit rabbis to sign this statement.


This Statement is signed by 13 Orthodox rabbis, 24 Conservative rabbis, 25 Reform rabbis, 8 Reconstructionist rabbis, 3 transdenominational rabbis, 1 Renewal rabbi and 1 Secular Humanist rabbi, as well as by 2 rabbinic students and one cantorial student.

Indian Cuisine by Nishma of Shambhu’s – Saturday 23rd September, 2.30pm-5.00pm

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Sign the Petition Against Fur for London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week

Sign the petition here

London Fashion Week starts this week! It has long been regarded as one of the pioneering and defining events of the fashion world. Spawning countless trends and providing platforms for some of the most famous designers that have ever existed. Yet even though London Fashion Week prides itself on paving the way for the future of fashion it is unable to progress beyond some of the darkest and most horrific practices committed by the fashion world.

Every year the fur industry is responsible for the death of 1 billion rabbits and 50 million other animals  – including foxes, minks, dogs, cats, racoons, chinchillas, seals and many more. Most of these animals are raised in fur farms, intensive facilities where the animals are kept in tiny cages and confined to a life of misery. These farms can hold thousands of animals and are designed to specifically maximise profits. These animals go insane performing psychotic repetitive behaviours such as circling endlessly in their cage as well as cannibalism and self-mutilation. 

The most common methods of killing animals in fur farms is anal electrocution, gassing, poisoning or stomping on the animals and breaking their necks. These are all done to try and preserve the quality of the fur.

In the year 2000 fur farming was banned in the UK due to the horrific nature of these practices but fur can still be legally imported into this country. Why is it that London Fashion Week finds it morally justifiable to still provide a platform for fur and profit off the exploitation of an industry that was outlawed in the UK 17 years ago?

Big fashion labels like Armani, Stella McCartney, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, The Kooples, Vivienne Westwood and many more have denounced fur, yet London Fashion Week continues to provide the largest platform for fur in the UK. This has to stop.

As high fashion drips down into high street fashion, the relentless promotion of fur by high brow designers is culpable in the normalisation of cheap high street fur items that have been brought back into shops and market stalls. No doubt imitations of the the fur items featured in LFW this year will soon be seen donned by members of the public in the not too distant future.

Please sign our petition to ban fur from London Fashion Week.