Help Nepal’s Flood Animal Victims

Nepal floodsSneha’s Care is helping to rescue animals who were caught up in Nepal’s floods this year.  They are in desperate needs of funds to help with their work.  Please visit their website at and support them.


Indian Cuisine by Nishma of Shambhu’s – Saturday 23rd September, 2.30pm-5.00pm

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Indian cuisine
by Nishma of Shambhu’s

(cookery class for adults)
Saturday 23rd September, 2.30pm to 5pm,
Central London.

Featuring as part of London’s Urban Food Fortnight
(8-24th September)

** Book now – only a few days left to book your place – don’t miss this special opportunity **


Sign the Petition Against Fur for London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week

Sign the petition here

London Fashion Week starts this week! It has long been regarded as one of the pioneering and defining events of the fashion world. Spawning countless trends and providing platforms for some of the most famous designers that have ever existed. Yet even though London Fashion Week prides itself on paving the way for the future of fashion it is unable to progress beyond some of the darkest and most horrific practices committed by the fashion world.

Every year the fur industry is responsible for the death of 1 billion rabbits and 50 million other animals  – including foxes, minks, dogs, cats, racoons, chinchillas, seals and many more. Most of these animals are raised in fur farms, intensive facilities where the animals are kept in tiny cages and confined to a life of misery. These farms can hold thousands of animals and are designed to specifically maximise profits. These animals go insane performing psychotic repetitive behaviours such as circling endlessly in their cage as well as cannibalism and self-mutilation. 

The most common methods of killing animals in fur farms is anal electrocution, gassing, poisoning or stomping on the animals and breaking their necks. These are all done to try and preserve the quality of the fur.

In the year 2000 fur farming was banned in the UK due to the horrific nature of these practices but fur can still be legally imported into this country. Why is it that London Fashion Week finds it morally justifiable to still provide a platform for fur and profit off the exploitation of an industry that was outlawed in the UK 17 years ago?

Big fashion labels like Armani, Stella McCartney, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, The Kooples, Vivienne Westwood and many more have denounced fur, yet London Fashion Week continues to provide the largest platform for fur in the UK. This has to stop.

As high fashion drips down into high street fashion, the relentless promotion of fur by high brow designers is culpable in the normalisation of cheap high street fur items that have been brought back into shops and market stalls. No doubt imitations of the the fur items featured in LFW this year will soon be seen donned by members of the public in the not too distant future.

Please sign our petition to ban fur from London Fashion Week.

Join CIWF’s Campaign to Ensure UK’s Animals are Recognised as Sentient Beings

ff-pig-animal-sentienceBy current European law, animals are recognised as sentient beings, acknowledging their ability to feel pain, suffer and also experience joy. No one who has seen a cow going outside for the first time after a winter indoors, a hen dust bathing, or a pig wallowing in a fresh patch of mud would disagree with that. The law says that as animals are sentient beings, full regard must be given to their welfare when creating new legislation or regulations.
Securing this status for animals was a massive step forward for animal welfare in 1997. It was the biggest campaign Compassion has ever run. The recognition of animals as complex and intelligent creatures has been the cornerstone of European animal welfare legislation since that time, and the basis for so much of the progress we have made together.

So what’s the problem?
The Repeal Bill, which moves all European law into UK law once we leave the EU, has left out this important protection. It is completely absent; both the recognition of animals as sentient beings, and the requirement for governments to pay “full regard” to their welfare.
Once the UK leaves the EU, we cannot be sure that future Governments will still treat animals as sentient beings. Please demand that the clause is brought into UK law.
This could be a disaster for animal welfare. We cannot let this happen. Please sign this petition calling on Michael Gove to take urgent action here